Zihuatanejo to Bahia De Navidad
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Coastwise from Zihuatanejo to Manzanillo
A Creval Jack (Not very good eating)
Java in Caleta de Campos
Joshua Baked a Cake
Manzanillo Area & St. Patrick's Day
Passing time while underway......
St. Patrick's Day Parade
The Circus Bus
A real bell tower in Melaque
Teo and Joshua With Tooth
Teo and Joshua Sans Tooth
Fireworks Tower Being Constructed
This is when things started to get crazy
Melinda and MJ in Santiago Bay
Melinda and Stan
Santiago Bay
Bahia de Navidad
Joshua and Fiona doing foreedeck
Story time with Vicki
Solo Sailor Bruno decorating his
The pool at the Sands Motel
Evan from Java.  Gene and Vicki from
Oh, he got all of that one!