Santa Rosalia to Bahia de Los Angeles
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Morlett Family Visit and Santa Rosalia
Lap pool at Singlar Marina
At Los Arcos Cove
Brave cave explorers
Nicholas learning to skurf
Jessica learning to skurf
Joshua and Nicholas
Iglesia Santa Barbara de Santa Rosalia
Singular Marina
Squid Pangas
Cemetery on bluff overlooking town
This one had a fence to protect his 6-pack of
Looking down at the town with old mining
facility in background
Joshua in an old ore cart
Hotel Frances
Bahia San Francisquito
Thunderheads off in the distance
Hiking along an ancient reef.  The rock wall is totally  
composed of fossilized shell fragments.
Isla Salsipuedes
Dolphins following us on the way to Isla Salsipuedes
A small hitchhiker
High atop a knife-edged ridge.  Looking north.
Looking northwest
Looking back up at the peak we hiked to
Looking South
Bahia De Los Angeles
The BLA Village anchorage, looking northeast
A visiting Booby Bird (don't you crap on my boat!)
Spiderman during siesta
Siesta is over.  Time to slay some bad guys.
The days catch of Sierra.  Muy delicioso!
Elliot, Joshua and Saylor
Another look at the BLA lighthoiuse.
Hiking north to the turtle sanctuary
Low tide in BLA
At high tide this area is all underwater
The little bumps you see are all tiny crabs.  
There were millions of them.
Here is what they looked like.
Looking out one of the lighthouse windows
View from on top of the lighthouse.  Looking west.
Looking north.
Looking south.
At the sea turtle sanctuary.  This is a
Loggerhead Turtle.
A Black Sea Turtle.
The four amigos.  Joshua, Elliot, Saylor, and
Puerto Don Juan
Beaching Southern Belle for some minor maintenance
In a couple of hours she will be high and dry
Puerto Don Juan looking west
A rousing game of Spoons with the four amigos.
Cooking the days catch at a bonfire on the beach
Burning Ring of Fire!
Lola from S/V MOMO
Joshua and Lola inspecting a potential motor vessel
purchase.  Joshua said most of those scratches will buff
right out.
Post Hurricane Henriette noodle party.
PDJ from high atop the mountain ridge, looking northeast.  
Picture taken by the crew of S/V Flying Cloud
La Mona
Coyotes on the beach
Parents with daughters, be afraid.  Be very afraid!
Dave getting his Mohawk
George getting his Mohawk
The Mohawk brothers
Parents with daughters... you have nothing to worry about
La Mona full moon party
Joshua in the background, Maggie in the foreground
Catching some shade next to the SS Minnow
She is cute!  Needs a shave though.
Catching a ride on the lazy river
Bahia Quemado
Climbing the ridge overlooking Bahia Quemado
Mica schist with a classic boudin structure.
Atop the ridge looking north toward the
lagoon on the opposite side of the bay
Closeup of the lagoon
Joshua's 7th Birthday
The day started with a treasure hunt for
Joshua to find his presents from us.
Beach Party!
Joshua received all sorts of cool presents
from the cruisers.  This was from Jana, age 2
Lola enjoying the cupcakes
Jana looking for more cupcake
Playing water balloon toss.  We also played
volleyball and had a tug-o-war.
Keep your eye on the balloon!
Oooh!  So close!
Lining up for Pinata time.  Who's that big kid
at the end of the line?
Bahia Alacron
Melinda sitting with Mike and Vanessa on their porch at the
Animas Eco-Resort.  They were there for a whale shark
encounter adventure.
The guests stay in individual buildings called Yurts.  
They are wood frame construction with canvas roof and
siding.  It's like a really cool tent.
Each Yurt has it's own bathroom with a head
and solar shower.
From the inside looking out at the porch with
Southern Belle in the background
The main dining/lounge area.  This is an all inclusive resort.  
We joined Mike and Vanessa for happy hour and they served
fresh shucked oysters and bar-b-que oysters (local stuff,
very delicious)
Joshua, Saylor, and Elliot are building sand
castles way in the background
Saylor and Elliot
One day we hiked over the ridge to a remote
little beach
The rock along the beach was this highly
deformed iron-mica schist.  
A couple of anomalies in the iron-mica schist
Were they taking a picture of the ancient
oyster bed, or of the Leatherman?  Hmmmm?
Bahia Alacron from the ridge, looking