Hi there friends and family!  We have finally gotten around to posting a web site update.  We hope this update finds
    you all healthy, wealthy, and happy.  You can find corresponding pictures by clicking on the Photo Album button above.  
    And don't forget, you can always look at our previous explorations by clicking on the archived Journal Entries (above)
    and the corresponding archived Photo Albums on the Photo Album page.

    OK, here we are in Panama / Colombia.  Yep, we are still here.  Obviously we really enjoy this area.  We've had a
    great time over the last year entertaining guests aboard Southern Belle and exploring inland Colombia.  Joshua is 10
    years old and is now an Uncle to Gabriel and Jennifer's newborn son, Tristan.  Let's see.... I guess that makes
    Melinda and George Grandparents.  Rather than bore you with a bunch of text, how about we just get right to the
    pictures!  If you need any additional information about any of the pictures just send us an e-mail.  And remember we
    are here if anyone wants to have a great vacation!

    OK that's it for this journal entry.  Remember, anytime is a great time to visit the beautiful coral islands of Panama
    or the historic city of Cartagena, Colombia.  So come on down!  Until our next update we wish you all fair winds and
    following seas!
Isla Elephante, San Blas Islands, Panama