Loreto To Santa Rosalia
(Click on the image to see a larger version)
On The Road Outside of La Paz
One of the many road side shrines
A rather large road side shrine
Ensenada Grande Hike
Joshua and Mason
Los Islotes and Isla Coyote
Tiny village on Isla Coyote.  The kids in this
village have to take a panga 10 miles to
school each day.
View looking west from Isla Coyote
Another west looking view from Isla Coyote
Dad and Joshua swimming with the sea
lions at Los Islotes
Los Islotes sea lions
San Evaristo
San Evaristo fishing camp
Los Gatos to Aqua Verde
Recent sand dune on the left, Ancient sand
dune on the right
Pilot Whales
Mason on La Solana
Such willing photographic subjects
This was taken during the 5 seconds George
actually stood up.
The Three Amigos - Lucky Day, Ned
Nederlander, and Dusty Bottoms
Bahia Concepcion - El Burro Cove
Palapa's at El Burro Cove
Gary's Palapa, a.k.a. Club Burro
The view from Gary's porch
Restaurant in nearby Mulege
Bahia Concepcion - 4th July party
Gary, Hot Dog Chef Extraordinaire!
He even has the hat to prove it!
The Village People (The Vegas Years)
We cruisers are in shape.  Round is a shape!
Bahia Concepcion - Cave Painting Expedition
At the fruit farm
Our air conditioned tour bus.  Nice!
A grinding rock used by the Ancient Indians
Hiking to the caves
Here is a kitchen you won't see featured on the cover
of the Williams - Sonoma Catalogue
But man can she make some good burritos!
I rest my case!
The palm tree lined river that runs through Mulege
Loreto Visit With Tony, Jane, and Eden
Joshua and Eden
Jane, Tony, and Eden. First time in a pool for
Waterfront, 4 Bedroom, 4 bathroom rental
house with a swimming pool.  Nice!
Punta Chivato
We  saw these guys on the way to Punta Chivato
Sunset at Punta Chivato
Los Arcos Cove
Jumping Manta Rays
Looking west at a big thunderhead
Southern Belle anchored off of the caves
Cliff jumping (not us!)
Big ol Mexican Moth