La Paz to Loreto
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Isla San Francisco
Distant cousin to Creature From The Black Lagoon
Deflated Puffer Fish
Find the hidden block faulting
The large black spots under the boats are a
big school of bait fish
A splinter school of bait fish being attacked
by Pelicans and Seagulls
The long arduous hike to the top of the ridge
OK, so it's not that long!  But I'm out of shape!
Isla San Jose
At anchor near the entrance to the lagoon
Some of our poor, less fortunate neighbors
Portaging the shallow entrance to the river
which leads to the lagoon
A semi-inflated Puffer Fish
River into the lagoon
In the lagoon looking back at Isla San Francisco
Isla San Francisco to Isla Danzante
Channel between Baja Peninsula (left) and
Isla San Jose (right)
Bahia Los Gatos
Leaving Los Gatos
A lone pinnacle near Bahia Agua Verde
South end of Isla Danzante
Exploring the north end of Isla Danzante
Joshua on Isla Joshua
Looking west from Isla Danzante in the morning