Family Visit and Mardi Gras
For a change of pace, here is a brief overview of our trip back to the Estados Unidos to visit family and take in Mardi Gras.  You can
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We flew from Zihuatanejo to New Orleans on a flight that had a connector in Houston.  When we arrived in NO, the first thing we did
was go to Drago's for some char-broiled oysters.  Yeah you right!  After a short visit with my Mom an 'em, we drove to Shreveport for
some family visitation (Melinda's side).  We spent a wonderful weekend at Uncle Ken's cabin on the lake in southwestern Arkansas.  It
was fun and relaxing.... well, relaxing for those who didn't have a 6 year old boy to chase around.  Joshua had a blast!  He got to shoot
the BB gun (and before you say anything Yia Yia, I made him wear safety glasses), chop wood, play on the rope swing, and jump into a pile
of leaves.  After a lovely visit with family in friends in North Louisiana, we headed south to New Orleans.  Along the way we visited
more family and friends.  You know how it is in the south..... we're all related.

Once in NO we jumped right into the Mardi Gras spirit.  Our sister-in-law was riding in the Muses Parade the night we arrived.  The
parade was great and the after party featured music by The Radiators and Dr. John.  It was a killer show!  I don't know if we
mentioned, but the main reason we were in the Crescent City was to attend Coleen Salley's last ride as the self-proclaimed Queen of
Mardi Gras.  So there was quite a bit of pomp and circumstance associated with "Last Ride" (I swear the woman has had more farewell
performances than KISS).  The Krewe of Coleen hosted a Sunday brunch at Muriel's, a crawfish boil on Sunday night, and of course the
Queen's parade on Mardi Gras day.  A great time was had by all!  

At the end of February we packed all of our many boat purchases and flew back to Zihuatanejo to start migrating north aboard Southern
Belle.  Everything made it through Customs except the red beans,  I guess they don't want those inferior Louisiana red beans
contaminating the pinto crop!  We loved seeing everyone, and those we missed we shall catch up with on the next journey home.  
Remember, the invitation to visit us in Mexico is always open!

We hope this installment finds you all healthy and happy!  Until next time we wish you all a fresh breeze and following seas!