Hello family and friends!  As we are writing this entry, Southern Belle and crew are in Banderas Bay near the city of Puerto Vallarta.  In this
installment we will describe our travels from Bahia de Los Angeles to La Paz.  You can find corresponding pictures by clicking on the
Album button above.  Remember, you can always look at our previous ramblings by clicking on the archived Journal Entries above and the
corresponding archived Photo Albums on the
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We stayed in the northern Sea of Cortez, Bahia de los Angeles area until November 2.  After Joshua’s birthday in September, the heat
moderated and we spent a pleasant month in the anchorages, swimming, fishing, clamming, and perfecting our seafood recipes.  

In mid October we left the boat for a week for a quick trip to California to pick up some boat supplies (rigging, cushions, replacement parts,
etc.) before heading back south.  We caught a ride to the states with our cruising friend Evan Dill, and enjoyed a ride back with our good
friend Dave Katz and his girlfriend Molly.  Dave and Molly planned to sail with us for several days before heading back to So Cal.  Alas the
cruise was not to be.

The morning after our return George along with a local friend “Hippie John” took his panga over to pick up Southern Belle from her anchorage
in Puerto Don Juan 7 miles away.  The plan was to return right away to pick up the rest of us in BLA.  They arrived at Southern Belle the
same time a great Norther started blowing.  It proceeded to blow 30-40 knots for 3 days.  George & John were stranded on the boat in the
anchorage,  and we (Dave, Molly, Joshua, and Melinda) were stranded in the town of BLA.  The town crew were generously entertained by our
local friends “Beach Dog”, Larry & Can-do Dave, along with the Rossini family – Mauro, Patti, Maxine Rose, and Giuseppe.  Finally, on the third
day, the wind moderated enough for George & John to come to town & join the rest of us.  Unfortunately, by the time George and Hippie John
returned, Dave and Molly had already left to head north.  Muchas Gracias to Dave for helping deliver all our gear to the boat!

Once we left BLA, we headed to Santa Rosalia where we spent a week in the marina washing and cleaning Southern Belle.  From Santa Rosalia
we boogied on down to La Paz.  Enroute we visited a number of anchorages that we had visited previously.  We did make a first time stop in
Bahia San Juanico which is very beautiful.  We wished we had more time, but had to keep moving toward La Paz.

We arrived in La Paz in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with 200 other cruisers in Marina Palmira.  We also spent a month working on Southern
Belle.  We replaced the standing rigging, re-upholstered the saloon, made a cover for the dinghy, and a whole host of other chores.  La Paz is
truly a great place to get things done on a boat.  We have included some pictures for your enjoyment!

Until our next installment we wish you all a fair breeze and following seas!
Bahia de Los Angeles to La Paz